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Connection Policy

  1. CENTRO-IX does not support Trunk Port or Mapping VLANs to CENTRO-IX switches.
  2. Each CENTRO-IX member can only advertise the minimum / 24 (ipv4) and /48 (ipv6) prefix of their respective Autonomous System Number (ASN) (not permitted by IP Transit).
  3. Each CENTRO-IX member must disable Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) Proxy on the Router interface leading to CENTRO.
  4. CENTRO-IX will activate Media Access Control (MAC) Address filtering connected to each CENTRO-IX member router. Only one MAC Address is allowed for each port connected to each router member. CENTRO-IX members must inform the Network Operations Center (NOC) via email when there are changes to the MAC Address Router By default CENTRO-IX only receives a maximum of 100 prefixes from each Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) peer to each member. Please let us know if the advertise prefix number exceeds 100 prefixes.
  5. Please to disable check on first-ASN. Because there are routers like Huawei (“undo check-first-as”) and Cisco equipment (“no BGP enforce-first-as”) which by default activates the function.